Welcome!... to Express Medical Supply. We appreciate your interest in our company. Express Medical Supply provides diabetic testing supplies to thousands of people with diabetes. Our highly trained staff and state of the art technology ensures fast and convenient home delivery anywhere in the country.

Our Services:
Our Customer Service Representatives will take the time to answer any questions you may have about new products, how to use them, insurance issues, etc. Our goal is to help you live a better life by helping you manage your diabetes.

Are you still paying for your diabetic supplies out of your own pocket?
Are you still filling out confusing insurance forms?
Are you waiting a long time for your reimbursement?
Are you sacrificing your lifestyle?
Are you denying yourself other medications because of the cost of diabetic supplies?

We can help you with these problems, and save you money too!

How It Works:
Did you know that the cost of your diabetes supplies may be covered by Medicare?

If you have Medicare and secondary insurance, you may qualify to receive your supplies at NO cost to you! Medicare pays 80% and most secondary insurance pays the remaining 20%.

  • We fill out all the Medicare and insurance paperwork for you and submit the forms on your behalf.
  • You pay nothing up-front. If you have qualified supplemental insurance, you may owe nothing at all.
  • We ship your supplies according to your doctor's instructions right to your door. FREE shipping!
  • Shipments are sent out every 3 months so you don`t have to worry about running out of supplies.
  • STOP paying out of pocket for your diabetic supplies today.

    To find out if you qualify, please contact us. We make it easy to get the Medicare benefits you are entitled to receive.

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